Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spring has sprung so Iwill too.

Another beautiful Spring day here in my backyard.  Probably also around the whole area and I will be able to confirm that when I get back from my bikeride.  Yep, I've started riding again.  Lets see how long this stint lasts!

I am just back from a quick 3km ride.  I have so much to do today that I very nearly didn't go but seeing as I have only just started again I thought I'd better.  A couple of eggs for breakfast then get the house back in order before husband gets home from a week away.  Yep, I've had a whole week but will try and get it done this morning.  Before spending time in the garden, before going into Vinnies and doing their banking, before starting on some whippersnippering.  

But!  The ride is done and I have a healthy breakfast ready.  

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