Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Going away so no LCD's for a few weeks.

I'm going away on holidays for a few weeks.  Going with the healthy eating daughter so hoping that the eating will be fresh, clean, unprocessed...And I know there will be walking, probably lots.

But we will also eat what we want to and I plan on trying a Devonshire Tea or two.  Or 3 if we come across that many places doing them.

It will be great if I can lose a kilo or 2 while I'm away...lets see how I go.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Lunch Out.

Lunch out day so I tried not to eat beforehand...Caved and had a carrot around 9.  

We went to the Equinox in Busselton, had fish and chips with salad for lunch and once again, like most places that we have been to, the servings were huge.  Why can't restaurants have smaller servings for less money?  There must be so much food wasted because of too large serves.  I didn't eat all the chips and usually I'd bring them home *for husband* but I'd be the one to end up eating them, today I didn't.  Left them on the plate, wasted.  But not waisted.

Some time after lunch we went to The Goose for coffee and cake.  The 3 of us shared a piece of cake and just as well or we would have burst.  It was a really nice caramel cake slice thing.

I didn't want tea but planned to cook fish for the husband but he was home earlier than me and had bought fried chicken, chips, gravy...Pleased to say that I haven't had any.  I did cook the fish though and had some of that with an egg...and some potato.   Then finished it off with potato chips!  Not a whole bag though, that's something I suppose.   But I didn't need any of it and only ate that so I wouldn't eat the chicken.  Might have been better off with just 1 piece of chook...

Was umming and ahhing about LCDing tomorrow but think I need to now.

Monday, March 2, 2015

LCD x 4.

Mon 2/3/15.  Scales say the same as last week.

Fourth low cal day today, it is 4.30 and I am hungry.  Should go out and mow but...I'm here instead.

It's Monday so one of the days that I decided would be my LCD's but it's a public holiday here in WA so I was not at Vinnies like I usually would be.  I did need to go over to Mandurah this morning so it wasn't too bad.

6.30   Coffee
12.00  Carrot.  Could smell someone's barbecue...
2.30  Banana.  Home, hungry, it was there!
3.00  Cup of tea.
5.30 1/2 sausage!!  Husband didn't eat all his lunch and this thing just jumped into my mouth...really!
6.30 Salad  and fish.  Really needed this!
Clean teeth 'cause husband is eating chips instead of his tea.

A couple of *shouldn't haves* but overall not too bad.

I am out for lunch tomorrow so will have to watch what I have for breakfast before I go.  Maybe I shouldn't have anything but that probably wont happen.