Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Small Uphill Walk.

Daughter rang me yesterday to ask if I could pick her kid up from school.  I have done this a few times and unthinkingly just jump in the car and drive up.  Yesterday I thought I'd ride in to her joint and walk up the hill from there.  Because I then had to continue on back out to here I needed to take the stroller as it's much further for little legs. 
How was I going to get the stroller in there?  I could walk and carry it and that would add another 20min to the walk...and maybe make me think it was not fun.  I could try and carry the stroller while riding the is one of those fold up umbrella type things so maybe doable...
Anyway while I was outside Umming and ahhing the son rocks yeah, I *cheated* and got a lift in to the daughters house.  Left the stroller there and headed on up the hill.  Saved myself a wobbly 10ish minute ride or an awkward 20ishmin walk 

Before leaving home I remembered that yesterday these shoes were rubbing and leaving a blister so this time I put a bandaid on and took some extras.  By the time I was up the hill I needed another bandaid.  I was also early again so walked around the block then back to the school.  Still early and my heel was sore so I sat down and put yet another bandaid on.  I think the trouble was that I was not getting them in the right spot and the shoe was still rubbing.  Halfway down the hill my heel was sore, I figured out why so sat down and removed the inserts that I had added the day before and all was right.
Grandaughter got into the stroller at her house and I pushed her back to mine.  I was so glad to get inside and sit down.  So glad! 

All up I was gone from here for more than an hour and a half but 10mins of that was standing waiting and a few minutes sitting down putting on bandaids. 

I was thinking all the time that there is NO WAY! that I could even get down the trail to the base of my hill as I am much more unfitter than I was 10 years ago.   However if I picked the kid up every Thursday this would be a weekly thing to do.  And there would be a purpose.  I could do it for a few weeks anyway and see how I go...Will think on it.

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