Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Challenge Details.

We had a daughter visiting  here last week and I'm not sure how it came about but it seems I have agreed to get fit and climb a mountain.  Not any old mountain, this mountain just about did me in 10 years ago when I was on the way down.  Have any of you tried coming down a mountain with no knees?  Yep, no  knees coming down a mountain.  Too fat and unfit then too but I remember the feeling standing on top of that mountain and looking out and seeing...not much at all beacause of the low cloud fog type air.  But that feeling of pure joy...I remember that so well.

We said we'll do it for my birthday again.  That gives us 8 months to train, to get fit, to look forward to, to talk about, to gather other family members who want to do the same thing...but mostly, to have a point.  A point to getting off of this thing and walking more.  A point to going out the beach and walking up sandhills.  A point to catching the train to Perth and walking up some steps called Jacob's Ladder, a point to getting (and staying?) fit.

I need to sort out some plans and goals now so if anyone has any ideas then please let me know.   I think I will start off with regularly walking 5 or 6 km then add in a walk up to the wier.  Maybe I could walk to the dam.   If I go out to the beach each week and walk around Myalup that should help with it all.  Quite a hilly place is Myalup.  I think it will be  a long time before I attempt Jacobs Ladder but maybe I could give it a try sometime during October or November and see how I go with it.
This all sounds good but I need to actually do this not just write down some words then sit here and do nothing about it.

I'm going to write down some monthly goals and get husband to make me stick with them.  come along with me on some of them.

Bluff Knoll  is the name of this hill we will climb.  It's only a 5km walk to the top and back and hey! what's 5km right.  A walk in the park, right?   I can walk 5km.   Could I walk 5km up the side of a ruddy great mountain?  Not yet!  But come the end of March...I'll see you at the top!

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