Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Point Is...?

I'm not long back from a small uphill walk.  Grandaughter had an assembly at school, parents invited...So I rode into daughters place then we walked up to the school.  It took only 6 minutes to ride in and 20min to walk up the hill but it wasn't fast.  We were early so walked around the block, still early so walked halfway down the hill then back up to the school.   Then walked down the hill to daughters where I got on me bike and whizzed home.   'Twas hardish.  But good.

Many many many years ago when I lived where the daughter is now I used to walk this hill 2 or 3 times a day, 5 days a week.  Walk the kids to school, walk home.  Walk up to pick them up after school, walk home.  It wasn't hard and we were all  the better for it.   Eventually they got big enough to not need me then bigger and didn't want my walking up the hill twice a day 5 days a week stopped.  Sometimes I walked up for some reason or another... To make up for this I met with a group of friends in the evenings a few times a week and we would walk the block of the town.  It was hard.  But fun.  Friends move on, things change, it wasn't fun doing it alone, we moved out of town, I got sick, got unfit...and things have never been the same.  I have never regained the fitness that I had way back then.  Now, I don't even know if it is possible.

What I do know is that for me it needs to be a regular thing but there needs to be a purpose.  I can't see the  point in walking to the corner and back.  Or around the block that just brings me back here.  Or driving for half an hour to do a beach or bush walk.  I know the *point* should be that I will get fitter and so then be able to do more but I cannot get that into my head enough to actually do it.

If I had a reason to go into town every day I would ride or walk but there is no reason so I don't.   If I had another dog I would have to take it for a walk every day and would but there is not much chance of me getting another dog.  If I had friends to walk with it would be a fun thing to do but I have no friends... 

I'm hoping that this challenge we have set will become the point.    I'm hoping I will drive to the bush or beach and walk at least a few times a month.  I'm hoping I will start moving every day again.  I'm hoping I will not stay too lazy and cancel the challenge.  That would be sad.  That would be bad!

Details of the challenge will come before the end of the month.  It is a big one for me.  Why don't you all give it some thought and set yourself a challenge too.  If you do, please come and tell me all about it.


  1. Omigosh, you're embarrassing me as I have done very little for 5 months, exercise wise. I've spent quite a few hours/days setting up a new vege garden but exercising with the dogs is almost nil as I've been rugged up to the nines because of the cold, windy weather and sitting in a sheltered spot while they run around.
    Eating too much comfort food too with stews and warm desserts :(.

  2. Barb,
    It's funny how we are all different. I will not walk before I have to be presentable because then I am sniffling and scratching from allergies and sweating just enough to be soggy. I will walk for no other reason than to walk. I need surgery to ride my bike and can just ride around the same block for hours. Driving to walk is not me.

    You say you eat much more than I. Check out what I ate at Ryan's. You will be horrified. I am. I was. Happy little piggy me was having fun. However, maybe you will think I made good choices, staying away from dressing, mac and cheese, and sticking to vegetables. Four yeast rolls were soooo easy to

    And, I am going to a free church dinner tonight. I still have not done the lap around the yard today.

    I fear I will never get back what stamina and strength I lost due to injuries.

    I have to put you on my blogroll, since I never thought about having a blog roll with my weight loss blog like I do the other, main blog.