Sunday, August 5, 2012

Two days, Two walks.

I had the grandaughter out here for a bit yesterday then her mother gets a phonecall and asks if she, the grandkid, can sleep.  Yeah OK says I but we need clothes.  The mother goes home to pack a bag and me and the grandkid walk in to pick it up.  Not very fast going in and slower coming back but happy we walked and didn't take the car like I first thought to.  The mother walks out here this morning to pick her up so I walk back in with them.  Took the stroller this time so a decent walk there and another one back, carrying the stroller.  So a lot quicker walk but same distance as yesterday, 

I think I need new shoes again.  They were dodgy yesterday so this morning I cut out more cardboard to put in them for support and they are better but I'll need to look around for something better to use 'cause it might be a while before I get newer ones.  

Ate cake yesterday.  The reason they came out was because J wanted to have a teaparty with Nana so they bought cakes and came for a visit.  'Twas nice.

She might be coming out again tonight.  And she might bring hot chips for tea...I will cook some eggs to go with some rooster so it wont be all bad.  I'll eat vegie soup throughout the day so as to feel better about it all. 


  1. How far is the walk to your daughter? Good job on walking!

    1. On a good day, by myself, I can do it in around 20min.