Friday, February 9, 2018

I have a benchmark.

It's Friday.  Am I fitter than yesterday?  Three days ago?  Last week?  Dunno, BUT!!!! I went for a bike ride this morning and went further than I managed a few days ago with the flat tyre.  Thanks husband, the bike always goes better when tyres are inflated correctly. 

The trouble with this bike, or me, is that I push on the tyres to see if they are hard and to me they are.  Husband presses on them and tells me how flat they are.  It seems that I just don't have the strength to push hard enough on them and it's not until I am struggling with the ride that I think that I am soooo unfit, or that they may be flat.  Then it takes a few days to try again.  'Cause I was going to go yesterday, before work, even went out and checked the tyres so knew that they had been done.  Came inside for...something...and never went back out!  haha  So this morning I put shoes on and was going regardless. 

I jump on, and jump is not the correct descripted word I need there, and take off, so easy!  I am way past the bridge before I notice the rattling in the back basket and realise that I don't have my helmet on.  Oops.  I pull over and put the head protection on and continue on to the corner.  I could have easily made the corner too. But pretty sure I would have not made it back.  So I turned at the driveway on the left, maybe 3/4 the way to the corner and was struggling when I hit Buzz's driveway. 

I now have a benchmark and the aim is the corner and back by next Friday.

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