Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday 29th

Guess what?  I am fat and so unfit that a 5min bikeride does me in.  Yep, not even went 5minutes down the road and I was huffing and puffing with aching legs as well.  And my hands and ears were cold too.  haha, so much whinging  saying it like it was.  8:14 when I took off from here and still cold.

But...bikeride!   How many points for that Lee?   I didn't get to the main corner but passed the bridge and went to the driveway just passed the yellow railway box.  I think I need to do this more often.   All up, 10 minutes to get there then back home again, probably less than 2 k.  Something to improve on.

My 84 year old mother goes for a 3km bikeride every morning.   She has recently added extra rides in throughout the day, does all her own housework and washes her windows when they need it.  Puts me to shame.  I will start with getting a 3 km bikeride in and will give myself 2 weeks to get there.  Lets do this.

This week, Saturday to Friday, I have done 3 caravan to beach and back walks and 1 x 10 min bikeride.  How much fitter will I be by next Friday...

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