Saturday, June 30, 2018

Week Sat 30/6/28 - Fri 6/7/18

Sat - 10min bikeride, same distance as yesterday so presume the same time.
Sun - Did a shorter ride, kinda, but not.  Had trouble getting to the bridge but made it up to the first wh post past before turning around.  But then went past our driveway and up to horse lady's shed so maybe it would have worked out same distance. 
Mon - No moving, ate too much crap
Tues - No moving, ate too much crap
Wed - No moving, ate too much crap
Thur - No moving.
 Fri - No moving.   No fitter.

Lets see how this week goes.  Goal - at least 3 of these rides and a walk somewhere.

Well for a week that started off full of good intentions, I have no idea why I never followed through.

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