Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday 25th June 2018

Well, looky here, I am back, and after only 2 days.  I surprise myself sometimes.

On Friday friend T said that she was going to start the 5-2 way of eating and that would be her first day and that I should do it with nothing to lose except a big amount of kilos I decided to get serious, again.  So I did eat less that I normally do and can say that there was no processed crap of any kind eaten, an achievement in itself when husband is home from work.  I did well right up until after tea when son brought in some ding sausage mixture to cook and taste, it was so nice!   So I then had some dates and something else I think...But still, all real food so not gunna moan about it too much.

Over the weekend husband and I went out to our caravan out at Myalup Beach.  I love going out there but for some reason don't.  Silly.  Anyway, our van is around 500 metres away from the beach and it's a tiny bit hilly to walk down to the beach and back up the hill again.  We used to do it all the time, 4, 5, 6 , 7 times a day...well, maybe not 6 or 7 but lots!...On Saturday I did the walk when we got out there and again in the evening and again on Sunday morning.  Apart from the fact that it takes longer and I puff more, it's still a good walk.  And in a hot and puffing way I enjoyed it.  So I will go out again and do the walk again...much more often.  Another good thing about going out there is that husband didn't buy any chips, chocolate or other crap so I didn't eat any of that either.   And had rooster and vegie soup  ready to eat when we got home.  'Cept son was here making up the sausages and brought some in to cook and taste, so bleedin' yummy I had 3.  But, homemade so no crap in them, just pork and spices.  And whatever else he put in them, I don't want to know that bit, I want to believe that they are healthyish and real food.

Today is going to be another no crap day for me, nothing to eat until I get home from work this afternoon when I will eat the rooster soup that is all ready to go.  Though I have had a coffee and may have an apple or 2 at work if I need to.  So when I say nothing I mean only a bit of fruit.  
I should go for a walk but have Minutes to type up and it is already 8 and I have to leave soon...might go this afternoon if T decides to go out to Hamel.

Heres to a decent eating day and maybe a walk to better health and fitness.  Who wants to join me?

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