Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Food Recording.

Tuesdays eating was much the same as Monday but there was a slice of toast with jam and cheese mid afternoon.


1/2 tin Baked Beans.   7.20

Boiled egg and salad.   9am,

2 DimSims   11.45 Lunch.

Bread with honey and cheese. 1 slice.

Bread with honey and cheese. 1 slice.   Hmmm, OK, I do eat too much crap.  Must have forgot about that!  I should have had the rest of the BB or some salad or a chunk of meat, or... something different anyway.

Pork and vegetables.  Tea.  6.45pm.

No moving again!!  What is wrong with me...

Tomorrow will be oats for breakfast,  eggs and salad for lunch, an orange, apple maybe.  Some pork meat.   I wont be home all day so will eat what I take.  
Tea will probably be chicken and chips because husband is due home and said he'd pick something up.  He will be home before me but I'm thinking I'll still have some salad or vegies left and will add that to mine.
I'll have to have a plan for Friday and will have to resist too much chicken, it will be fried, from Chicken treat.

And I need to start moving.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I Ate...

I'm home alone today.  It is my pottering day, I do what I want, when I want.  Like most of my days actually!
Anyway, I'm going to write down what I eat for a few days to show myself if I eat as well as I think I do.  Or if I'm just kidding myslf.  The weekend showing I eat Pikelets and sausages all day can't be right!

6.30.  Coffee.
7.30,  Oatmix.
8am.  Coffee.
9.40. Orange.
Lunch. Boiled egg
          Salad of chopped up lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, grated beetroot, carrot.  Bowl full.
          More salad.  Not as much, less that 1/2 bowl.
2.30.  Slice of Pork.
          Peas, picked while I was outside planting stuff.  Maybe a dozen small ones, pod and all.
4pm.   2 passionfruit, 1/2 Indian Guava.
Tea.   Pork.
         Caulieflower, peas, corn, sweet potato.  All up around 2 cups.

I measured out the amount of salad I had so I'd have some idea for next time.  A bowl full was about 1 and 1/2 cups of chopped and grated salad veg.

This is probably a more typical day of eating when husband is not home.   I grab something when I start to feel ill which kinda works out to be every few hours.  What I grab depends on what I have prepared beforehand.  If I have crap that is easy to grab then I do.  If the better stuff is easier then I have that. 
If the biscuits and chocolate are out in the shed freezer but the boiled eggs and meat are inside...eggs and pork win.  If the biscuits were sitting open on the bench...that is what I would have.

Tomorrow will be kinda the same.
Oatmix for breakfast, eggs and salad for lunch, maybe with a bit of cheese.  Tea will be pork and vegetables, same as tonight.   There will be some fruit in there.   There might be a bicky or 2 if there are some homemade ones at work...

There was no moving today apart from the day to day outside work.  And there be the reason I am fat!!!

Any thoughts please? 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend. 27-28 August.

I'm going to write down what I eat over the weekend.  In my head I mostly eat fresh unprocessed food but my body is telling me otherwise.  We'll see what this tells me.

It's now 8am so I'm off to have some oatmix for breakfast.
9.30  second coffee.
11am.  Just had a boiled egg.
12.30.  Lunch, salad of  lettuce, carrots, caulieflower.  Grated cheese on top, Choko pickle.
4pm.  Mowed the grass,  first session - 35min.  I tell ya, that is so much harder than walking to the corner and back, not sure why I chose it!
Trouble is, I go outside and start something and forget that I have stuff cooking on the stove.  It was meat this time... HoHum, it's nice and brown now anyway...
Tea.  2 sausages, egg, salad (lettuce, carrot, caulie)
Another sausage!!

Pikelets for breakfast. Grandaughter made these.  They have fruit and oatmix added.


10min dancing and jumping around to the Wiggles
10min jumping around dancing to the Fairy songs.

11am  Pikelet. 
20minutes mowing, 5min chook chasing.

Lunch.  Salad (lettuce, carrot)  egg. 2 sausage.

10min mowing.  I wanted to do more but there was a loud POP! and it cut out. 
30min digging, weeding, mulching...Everyday garden stuff.

Bugger!  The pikelets are now gone.  I knew I should have wrapped them tight and put them out in the shed freezer.  Probably 5 or 6...Maybe 6 or 7...over the course of the day up to 2pm.


Sausage.  Thank goodness they are now all gone!

Spent most of the afternoon out there weeding, planting, digging...not a lot but small bits over a long time!


Tea.  Plate of vegies - Carrot, caulieflower, peas, corn.
        Bit of pork roast.

Simple roundup of what I ate each day.
 boiled egg.
 salad of  lettuce, carrots, caulieflower.  Grated cheese on top, Choko pickle.
3 sausages,
salad (lettuce, carrot, caulie)
3 coffee over the day.

Coffee x 4 over the day.
Pikelets  Maybe 7-9...
Salad (lettuce, carrot) 
3 sausage.
Plate of vegies - Carrot, caulieflower, peas, corn, spinach.
Bit of pork roast.

This lot of oatmix has oats, bran, nuts, pepitas, crushed linseed, milk.  I have 1/3 cup then add hot water and let it soak.
Coffee has milk, no sugar.
I drink water, often throughout the day.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Start, Today.

Decided to do some mowing this afternoon.  I even search for and found my watch to make sure I did at least 30minutes.  Went out to get the mower...and it's not there.  I looked again, seached the yard, looked in the other shed...Na, no mower.  Figured the son must have borrowed it so got the whipper snipper out and started that instead.  Hadn't done 10 minutes when the daughter showed up so that was put on hold too.  Well, I tried.
The same daughter brought out a pack of biscuits and got the grandaughter to offer them around.  Then she went home and left the open packet sitting on the bench!!!  They are now bagged up and out in the shed freezer but with a couple less than there was before.

So, Day 1 - No moving. Too many biscuits eaten.  No liver.  Gosh!  I sound like a miserable failure.  Tomorrow has to be better.  Tomorrow will be better.

Time To Start. Again!.

It's been a long time since I wrote anything here and that's been because it's been a long time since I did anything to write about.  But next week is the start of Spring.  Not that that should matter, I should be moving regardless of the season but the warm weather is usually a time of lighter and fewer clothes so it seems to get some of us non-movers up and moving.  I'm hoping it will work with me.

I have been very slapdash with taking my iron tablets, Hubby has been home way more often than is good for healthy eating, I have been more sore than usual, I am lazy and can't be bothered...There are way too many excuses.

I'm hoping that I will get back into it and that writing on here again will get me doing stuff.  Some days I might just come in and tell you all that I did nothing but I know that writing here will mean  that there are days that I will do something even if it's to let you know that I am still trying.  (very trying, according to Hubby) 

I'm thinking that mowing the lawn for half an hour 4 days a week will be better than nothing and it might get the grass back under control.  So I will now count the *hard* stuff that I do around here as that way it will at least look like I am doing something and it might make me want to do more.

And I eat too much!

So to be *Fitter by Friday* I will do at least 3 lots of mowing and I will make up a pot of lentil and vegetable mush so as to get some extra goodness in me.   And it will be liver for lunch today.  There will be a bike ride around the block sometime between today and next Friday as well.

So now that it's *out there* I have to do it don't I?  That's what I'm hoping for anyway.