Saturday, October 5, 2013

8WC Day 2.

Day 1 - 15 Points  Friday.
Day 2  - 26 points.  Saturday
  • 1 - Daily post    1
  • 4 - 2 litres of water  0
  • 5 - Food diary   5
  • 5 - No eating after 9 pm (or 2 hours before bed if that works for you)  5
  • 5 - 30 mins of exercise (can only count once a day)  0
  • 5 - an extra 15 mins of exercise (can only count once a day)   0
  • 5 - no sugary treats (you define this - my definition includes snacky carbs, 2nd glass of wine, any wine other than red, bread and of course, sugary items)  5
And then whichever ONE of these options suits you best:
  • 10 - Made up of 3 serves vege (5 points) and an extra 2 serves vege (5 points)
  • 10 - Made up of 3 serves vege (5 points), 2 extra serves of vege (3 points) and 2 serves fruit (2 points)
  • 10 - Made up of 5 different veges (5 points) and two different fruits (5 points) (This helps if the quantity of 7 serves is just too much to take in.)
  • 10 - Keeping to food plan/calorie intake  10
The trick is to aim for 40/40 points on any given day, 280 possible in a 7 day period. Extra points for weightloss are added when you weigh in at the end of your 7 days.
At the end of 7 days, if you maintain your lowest weight (or go below it), you add 5 points.
For every 500g you are below that lowest weight, add 10 points.

Todays Food:
Weetbix x2
Coffee  8.30am
Chicken and veg 11.45
Oats with peanut paste.  I want to eat crap!!
Orange...Husband is eating Maltesers  2pm ish
Fish 6ish  Nothing else, 6 sm fillets
Bread roll, vegemite
Yoghurt and Mulberries 7ish

Hmmm, I'm sure I had more.  Pretty sure I had at least 4 Oranges.


  1. Hi Barb, are there treats if we get lots of points? I would choose a long hot bath with no-one yelling 'Muuum, where is my....? (sock, phone, dinner, ironed shirt..).. I would do quite a lot of exercise for that :)
    I am so impressed that you are eating oranges from your own tree. I am sure they have lots more vitamins! And so restrained about the maltesers! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Jo. The Oranges are so nice, I will never eat a bought shop one again.
    I think my one of my treats is going to be raw cheescake at a raw food cafe...I'm trying to work out what I have to do to get it. Maybe 3 weeks of at least 5 days of 40 points...Something I need to talk to daughter L about.
    A private long hot bath would be fantastic...I haven't had a bath in over 10 years, miss them. I think I'd walk more for that.