Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 4 of Challenge.

Day 1 - 15 points Friday.
Day 2  - 26 points.  Saturday
Day 3.   31 point.  I need more water and the extra 15min moving.
Day 4    21.  Nowhere near enough water, muffin and juice!! Stupid.
  • 1 - Daily post    1
  • 4 - 2 litres of water  0
  • 5 - Food diary   5
  • 5 - No eating after 9 pm (or 2 hours before bed if that works for you)  5
  • 5 - 30 mins of exercise (can only count once a day) 5
  • 5 - an extra 15 mins of exercise (can only count once a day)  5
  • 5 - no sugary treats (you define this - my definition includes snacky carbs, 2nd glass of wine, any wine other than red, bread and of course, sugary items)  
And then whichever ONE of these options suits you best:
  • 10 - Made up of 3 serves vege (5 points) and an extra 2 serves vege (5 points)
  • 10 - Made up of 3 serves vege (5 points), 2 extra serves of vege (3 points) and 2 serves fruit (2 points)
  • 10 - Made up of 5 different veges (5 points) and two different fruits (5 points) (This helps if the quantity of 7 serves is just too much to take in.)
  • 10 - Keeping to food plan/calorie intake  
Meat and potato.  Lunch.  Took this to Vinnies as I was going to be there all day.
Fruit.  Few bits of cut up pieces.
Orange Juice.  Probably shouldn't have had this...
Coffee.  Home at 4.
Muffin.  Leftovers (2) from a meeting at Vinnies. 
Coffee  4.30.
Steak and veg, an egg.  Teatime.
Orange.  7pm.

I had high hopes for today but mucked up.
Bikeride this morning and some moving and stretches this evening so that's better than usual. 
The muffin was alright but not that great, not as nice as the ones daughter T make.  The other one is in freezer.  I like Orange juice but don't like drinking it as I believe water and the whole fruit is better for me.  Sometimes I have juice though and if I wasn't doing the points thing now it wouldn't bother me as much.


  1. you are too hard on yourself! Don't be so perfectiony... the point is that you care about yourself, and you are moving towards feeling healthier and stronger... and anything you do needs to be looked at with love and compassion for yourself. Guilt doesn't help you move forward. Guilt and blame is a backwards force. Love and compassion is a forwards force. Keep nourishing your body with water and movement and fresh food, and be gentle with yourself when you don't. LOVE IS THE ANSWER *hippie dance* No but seriously, it is.

  2. OK, the *hippie dance* shows you are sincere so I will try not to be too honest/hard on myself this week. Thankyou.