Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Too Much Food.

I have eaten too much already and it's only 2PM.  Too much fruit.  Too much yoghurt.  Too much salad.  Too many chickpeas.  Two bits of steak when I probably didn't even need one...All good food but still too much.  Not enough moving as my shins still hurt.  What is it with me, I know I want to get fitter and be healthier but my actions tell a different story.  I know this because I just ate an Orange.  Picked from the tree as I was walking past...I didn't need it, I am already well over the recommended 2 serves per day and well past the dietitians recommendation... Now I feel blah.  I wonder why?  Ha!  It's because I eat TOO DAMN MUCH!! 

My plan to fix this is to have nothing else until teatime when I will have a couple of eggs.  Hmmm, sounds easy.  Totally doable.   Let's do this...

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